What Your Profile Says About You…

So my cousin visiting from the eastern cape (henceforth referred to as Ghetto Cousin) is busy on her facebook profile, replying to friend requests and all that important stuff, when she clicks on this one guy’s request to figure out who he is. The request links to his profile which comes complete with an I’m So Hot profile picture and some info.
It all looks quite innocent, until Big Brother leans over and glances at her screen.

Big Brother: [looking smug] So, his birthday is on the 18th of December 2010?

If you initially miss the humor, go back and read that again slowly.
I know, right?

On a completely random side note, don’t you just love watching these medically-based dramas where the cast start spitting out random pieces of information that sound like rubbish to everyone else in the room but you? I just get so excited and feel like screaming YES!!!! EXACTLY!!! Although I’m not quite sure why the medic was checking if the trachea was midline after the guy got shot in the upper-arm…

Maybe it’s something I’ll learn as an intern?


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