This Is Why He Chose Law…

So I’m listening to Bach’s classic Toccata & Fugue in D minor. Youtube it. Trust me, you know it. You just have never gotten past the first 30 seconds that they play in horror movies.

Seriously. You do know it.

When Big Brother raises his hands in indignation*.

Big Brother: Seriously?
Me: What?
Big Brother: Are we STILL listening to the same song?
Me: Yes.

(short pause)

Big Brother: Well, I guess I kind of like it.
Me: *stunned into silence*
Big Brother: I mean it starts of a little freaky, but once you listen to the rest…

AT LAST! Someone in this world who appreciates Bach without any formal classical training!!!

Big Brother:…it just sounds like every other classical song.
Me: *stunned into silence*

Never mind. There is no hope for him.

*I apologize for the randomness there. It was more irritation mixed with a pinch of testosterone. I just really like how that word looks. Indignation, that is.


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