MenTut Wars II

Sooo…where was I going with that last post?

Oh, yes. The MenTut Wars.

So, I have this complex. A superwoman complex. Basically, I’m not very good at watching people do something I think is wrong and doing nothing about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly good at doing anything, either. But I get really upset. And I internalize these things.*

So, of course, by the middle of the year I had solemly sworn that I would become a MenTut and be the best freaking MenTut that ever existed so help me. I really should have thought a little bit more about that one, though. I realize that now.

ANYWAY, musings aside, I did it. I applied to be a MenTut. The requirements are pretty straightforward. Applicants need to:

1. Be first/second year students
2. Have an average of no less than 65% (although we soon discovered that they really meant more than 70%)
3. Attend mandatory training
4. Be sane enough not to completely meltdown should they not be chosen

There was a bit of drama as far as the training was concerned, but that’s a post for another day. HERE’S THE REAL SOUP:

Requirement number 4, which was pretty much implied…uhm, not so much.
I swear, all hell pretty much broke loose when the list was put up. I didn’t even know the list was up until a certain MS in my class came into my room to rant.

MS: I don’t FREAKING UNDERSTAND? Why would I not make MenTut? I have, like, a 70%-plus average. I’m a freaking standby.
Me: I’m sorry, what?
MS: MENTUT! Oh, please don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’re just delighted that you made it.
Me: Um, look, maybe they just ran out of posts–
MS: What’s your average anyway?

This is where I pretty much started ignoring her. Because, why do med students do this? I’m not sure I can speak for other courses, but there is this very ugly competitive spirit that pervades the MS system. Seriously. I mean, I get that everyone in our class was the cream of the crop in their senior classes. I get that everyone is used to being on top of things, Top 10 student if not Top 3, can’t bare the idea that their stellar grades are bordering class average. OK. Fine.

But that’s not how the rest of us want to spend the next six years of our lives. Competing, comparing averages and bemoaning our misfortune for no longer being the top dogs. Some of us–unbelievably–just want to become good doctors.

This is why I just decided to be rude and tell her that this isn’t high school and I really don’t feel the need to share my grades with my peers. I could tell by her expression that she thought I was ashamed or embarrassed. All truth be told, I have nothing to be embarrassed about. My grades are very good. I just don’t think the world cares. And those who do clearly have issues.

I just think it’s time we grow up.

Maybe it’s just me.

Although a friend of mine who didn’t make MenTut had a much more mature reaction and has decided she will help anyone she can, regardless. So that just makes me even more sure that this particular medstudent has some serious issues. (Is it possible she’s been a Gunner all along and I just never realized? Shudder.)

End rant.
*Need to ease up on the Dr. Phil. Noted.


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