Oh! And the Other Thing…

…that kept me from my precious sleep…

I went out last night!

Whoop whoop for the nerdy medstudents all over the world!
I basically got together with a group of girlfriends, we went to the mall–dressed to the nines, if I might add–and had a lovely meal at Panaroti’s accompanied by a movie (Burlesque!*).

It was just so nice to relax and take time out to be with friends. We chatted and gossiped and had non-medically related conversations and just enjoyed each other’s company. It was so beautiful that it felt almost dreamlike.

Or maybe I was just sleep-deprived and hallucinating.

We got back to res and our beds at about one in the evening. Then woke up at about 6:30 to get ready for our grueling 9 hrs of class today. Fun.

I’m not studying today. I categorically refuse. Tomorrow, I’ll touch my notes. But today I just want to sit, sleep, eat, read, go to Bible study, sleep some more and be an all-round bum.

I’m excited to begin.

*Christina Aguilera doesn’t belong to our generation. She should have been born with The Greats, her voice is just that surreal. Nowadays, a voice like that is simply overshadowed (just barely) by her gyrating hips. Sad, really.

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