Working a nine(8)-to-five again

I wish I could be a fly on the wall in those timetable-setting Committee meetings.

John: Now, let’s look at the 2nd year timetable. They start with Resp, right?

Susie: Yes. That’s about two month’s work. That should be enough for them to become experts in everything.

John: Ok. So, they write a test at the end?

Susie: Yes. How about three tests, evenly spaced, about two weeks between each?

John: Hm…that could be done. Make the first one major crammage and then assess them on inconsequential details, only to make them tired and depressed, then for the rest of that week give them nine hours of class a day so that they never get a chance to recover or even study for the one two weeks later?

Susie: Yes. How about really boring classes? Immunology, perhaps…

John: Ooh, throw that in right at the end so that they feel like killing themselves every evening.

Fly: (Gulp.)



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