Study Group 2

Epidemiology–stats in general–is becoming something of a problem.

Friend: Okay, what is the incidence of asthma in South Africa?

Me: *paging furiously* Did they tell us that?

Friend2: They didn’t need to. Research outcomes…

Friend: So, then, what is the answer?

Friend2: Um…they give us the prevalence, I think. Seventeen percent.

Me: So, they didn’t tell us the incidence. Let’s move on…

Friend2: Thirty-three point three percent.

*Confused silence*

Friend: How did you get that?

Friend2: There are three of us. One of us has asthma. Therefore, the incidence is 33%.

*Longer confused silence*

Friend: Um…okay. But, you do realize that doesn’t really count as legitimate research, right? Aside from the obvious–like the sample size…

Friend2: You’re majoring in the minors.

Me: Okay. Let’s say we accepted that. We still don’t have an answer, because now you’ve just given us a different value for prevelance.

Friend 2: Um…oh. Okay. Let’s move on then.


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