Pathology Group Sessions

Was imagining once again what it would be like to be a fly on the wall during those Timetable Committee meetings…

John: Those 2nd year medstudents sure must be tired after all that writing…

Susie: Excellent. I think we should capatalize on that. When are they writing again?

John: Only two  weeks after the clinical test. It’s the big end-of-module test. You know, the one that assesses everything they will ever be required to know about Respiratory Medicine as GPs.

Susie: They’ll probably need to study hard for that one?

John: Absolutely.

Susie: So what do you propose we do?

John: Set compulsory afternoon group-work sessions…PATHOLOGY! Yes, pathology case-studies. But the really boring types with  impossibly generic case patients that can be diagnosed within five minutes. Except that they shouldn’t be allowed to leave before the two hour mark. That ought to keep them busy.

Fly: *Gulp*


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4 responses to “Pathology Group Sessions

  1. Lol…more than one of us exists? 🙂 Glad to find your blog too! (I guess Adventists aren’t much for blogging, but I did write a post once, in which I apologized to my readers for going all “Adventist homemaker” and reinforcing gender stereotypes. Then, a very nice woman commented and said that the name of her blog was “Adventist Homemaker.” She meant it in earnest. Whooops.)

    Now I want to ask all sorts of non-anonymous questions, like where you go to med. school and where you went to college, etc. But, I will contain my excitement and just read on. (Like a stalker.) 🙂

    • Haha that is ridiculous! I hope she didn’t take too much offense…

      I don’t know what it is to be honest with you. I guess it’s just the idea that no-one out there will understand when you blog about certain things because apparently Adventists don’t use the evil internet. I like what you said in your blog about being ‘liberal’ by some standards. Having a blog is certainly liberal. Hehe.

      Just so you know, I started acting like a redstethoscope stalker a while ago. Hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy yours!

  2. natology

    lolol…..why is john always the reddevil in these *flyonthewall* scopes….poor guy! lol “But the really boring types with impossibly generic case patients that can be diagnosed within five minutes.”- im reminded of this group member who misdiagnosed a simple case of tb, all the other group members tried convincing her it was definately tb- pictures and all but no she wouldn’t budge….hilarious momentos those!!!

    • Lol we had a mesothelioma in resp that was SO CLEARLY A MESOTHELIOMA. Even looked like steak and all. But this one obnoxious girl who somehow always ends up in my path groups was convinced that because the quiet black girl said it was a mesothelioma, there was no way it could be a mesothelioma. Even to this day I can’t get over her *shocked* expression when the facilitator came over to our group like, “Why are you guys still struggling with this? It’s obviously a mesothelioma.”
      Sometimes ignorance just can’t be argued with…

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