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Blah blah.

I’ll spare you the usual “busy busy” bit, because it honestly is a very lame excuse for my lack of blogging of late. However, an update (or rather a few updates) are in line to be posted before the end of the century. Be prepared.

Right now, I’m sitting on one of the res balconies, trying to look important while I wait for my room to finish being cleaned by the once-weeklies. I’m not really sure my side needs it, but I’ve got a pretty untidy roommate so I’m not complaining.

Seeing as I have a few minutes to spare, I’ll pay penance and tell you all a little about why I’ve been M.I.A for the past week and a bit. Brace yourselves.

As you may remember, I wrote a major test this Monday. Clinical Respiratory Medicine. Oh boy.

Let me start off by saying that it really could have been worse. I went into the paper expecting to come across at least a couple of questions that I knew absolutely nothing about. Turns out, my concern should not have been not knowing something, but rather not knowing enough about something.

Sample Question: (This was one of the easiest ones) Name three pathogens implicated in community acquired pneumonia, three pathogens implicated in hospital acquired pneumonia. Also state the Gram-staining/special staining technique and characteristic of each, the morphology and the antibiotic of choice.

Now, any med student and his uncle can answer the first part of that question in their sleep. Also, the staining, morphology and antimicrobial therapy of choice is stuff that I could answer given enough time to think logically. Except, I wasn’t thinking logically. I knew all my work in theory–or at least the work I felt was clinically relevant–but I’d never taken the time to integrate. Each part of that question was addressed a separate theme and lecture and chapter of the textbooks. I wasn’t really looking at my work holistically when I studied. I was just sort of learning.

Which, I’m sure, is a serious problem for someone who wants to someday be entrusted with people’s lives.*

Ah, the joys.

On a lighter note, I think I’m going to pass. We had a lecturer today, Prof Cook, who claims he’s marked half the scripts and is yet to pass a single student. Which, I think, is just a gorilla tactic to scare us into studying for next Friday’s main end-of-module test. I personally refuse to believe that I couldn’t have scraped through that test with a minimum of fifty. It’s not a very high standard, but it’s a pass.

Just to comfort myself, I’ve been considering the first test–Anatomy, Physiology, Histology. The results came out last week and I actually did very well in that one. Of course, I could have done better if I hadn’t been so profoundly focused on how, “Oh my word! What if I’m not capable of this course!” But, for someone who was so convinced that she’d failed the spot-test part, I actually didn’t do badly at all. My super-psychic cognitive guessing powers haven’t failed me yet.

I need to go grab some lunch before this afternoon’s prac. So I’ll stop yakking.


*Sometimes, I’ll admit, I’m a little freaked out for my future patients. Has there been a more clueless med student? I highly doubt that.

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