I’ve been procrastinating this post for over a week now, mainly in the hopes that I’ll ‘Get Over It’. Seriously.

But after all this time there is simply no getting over anything.

I’ve been exposed.

Take a stroll with me down memory lane if you will…

As you all already know, I’m a MenTut.* But, on top of that, I also do some tutoring for Chemistry in languages other than English for students whose first language isn’t English. So, a couple of weeks ago a bunch of us Chemistry Home Language Tutors were called together to get some information and guidance from the program coordinator. In I walked, oblivious, hoping the meeting would go quickly because I was kinda hungry and it was kinda our lunch break. I sat with a few of my friends who are also tutoring, and then in walked another friend of mine with her boyfriend. I’ll call him HBB1*. Anyway my friend and her beau sat on my other side and the meeting commenced.

During a lull in the meeting, a few subdiscussions started and here is the one that inspired this post:

HBB1: Hey, MedicalRose, can I ask you a personal question.

Me: (the epitome of grace and graciousness because I’m one with few secrets and nothing to hide) Yeah, sure.

HBB1: (glances cautiously at girlfriend) So, I was surfing the internet the other day and I can’t remember what I was googling, but one of the first results was this blog called The Idiot’s Guide To MedSchool…

Me: (loses all grace and graciousness because HELLO this is the one secret I’d kill to keep and the one thing I’d die to hide) Um…

HBB1:…and I was wondering, you wouldn’t by any chance have anything to do with that, would you?

Me: Um…huh…what would make you think that???

HBB1: Well it’s obviously someone from our University because we’re the only Medschool that opened that early and the MenTut thing along with the posts about our class were kind of a give away…

Me: (Gulp.)

HBB1: Then there’s the whole thing about balconies, which only one res on Med campus actually has…

Me: (Tachyarrhythmias, KILL ME NOW!)

HBB1: And I know that isn’t very specific, but you speak about the Sabbath on a few posts so…that kinda only leaves you.

Me: There are a bunch of Adventists in my res.*

HBB1: But only two in second year. And only one who is as in love with music as the writer of that blog clearly is.

Me: Oh.

I won’t further embarrass myself by chronicling how I practically begged them not to tell anyone-because how can I blog under the SCRUTINY of my peers-but I can assure you it was not pretty.

So there you have it. I’ve been exposed. And as much as I should be happy that I actually know now that humans read my blog (you can’t trust dashboard stats, you know, what with the aliens intercepting our satelites in hopes of sending the mothership to fetch me) it is really more freaky than anything else. Because I have four drafts of posts about some of my more interesting classmates. And countless other posts that I’m not sure I’d actually want someone who sees me every day to see.

How does one continue to blog honestly once they’ve been exposed???

And, darn it, HBB1: DID YOU HAVE TO TELL ME?

*I seriously need to stop giving away such major clues of my identity on this blog. No wonder I’m in this mess.
**That’s a post for a WHOLE other day.
**What I should have said was, “There are quite a few Sabbath-keepers in our res.” Because I’ve actually met someone who is Christian, a Sabbath-keeper, but not an Adventist. I’m not really sure what she is, but I can’t say I’m not curious. Also, she’s a 2nd year and a MenTut. Darn my slow thought process!


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8 responses to “EXPOSED!!!

  1. ACK! This is precisely why I tend to write about the men I date and say, not the people I go to school with! I know the latter would be more interesting (actually, maybe not), but a few of my classmates DO read my blog and I fear the scrutiny! What I fear more, though, is that “Charlie” or another date is going to find the blog. Actually, confession: I think Charlie did find the blog. Obviously, the Adventist community is super small (in terms of knowing people), especially near to Mecca (the world headquarters) and I’m wondering if once upon a time, I may have left a comment on a friend’s blog, with my “Red Stethoscope” user name. Annnyyyway, it’s a long shot and it’s not like I lied about anything I wrote (it is all, sadly, completely truth), but AHHH!!! NOT OK!

    That was a rambly way of saying sorry your friends have found your site, but on the upside, your blog is crushing the Google searches. Lol. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, crap! I just talked about Charlie MORE on ANOTHER Adventist’s blog. Probably Charlie’s cousin, brother, or TEXAS WOMAN goes to your medical school and they are going to find out. Because that’s how things go, you know. Nooo! (OK, now neurotically closing this browser and moving on.)

    • Or, better yet, I could be Charlie’s cousin. You never know, right? And all this time I’ve been feeding him updates from your blog and he’s been deliberately acting up so that he can have the satisfaction of yet another RS post.

      Or not.

      I don’t think I’d have the courage though to blog about actual people in my personal life. Because, WHAT IF THEY READ IT? I can barely cope when a peer tells me he’s read about the mundane everyday activities that he witnesses first hand anyway, you know?

      You are a far braver soul than I. But it makes for some entertaining stuff *evil laugh* so I’ll read on at your expense…

  3. juicy


    I empathise, MR. I had a blog a couple of years back that I poured all of my creative energy into and then a close friend in law school found it. And that was it. I couldn’t post another post. Because HOW DOES one continue to write honestly with that sort of thing looming over them?

    But your blog is good and I don’t think HBB1’s intention was to thwart your freedom of expression. Maybe he was just so genuinely curious to test his conclusion and didn’t stop to think that maybe you didn’t WANT to know that he knew. It’s a tricky one, but try not to let it affect what you do and don’t post. It’ll only drive you insane.

    Besides, you owe us a post on the whole HBB1 thing in any case. πŸ˜‰

    • I guess I do, don’t I?
      But you’re right. HBB1 actually READ THIS POST and reached out (albeit via facebook, perhaps to save me from further embarrassment) to let me know that he never intended to put me off or anything. I actually felt really bad after that because he was so earnest and sincere and my melodrama had made him feel guilty.


      But all’s well that end’s well, I guess. Now everytime we see each other we just pretend there is no blog and talk like two random Ms2’s who know nothing more about each other than they should. Sweet relief πŸ˜‰

  4. Haha, oh man, I had this exact thing happen to me a few nights ago! A classmate got the link from an upperclassman and knew me well enough to put 2+2 together pretty quickly!

    After I got over the shock, I was actually just flattered that he liked it, haha. (Especially since I’ve quoted him quite a bit in various entries..) I’m personally banking on 1) him not telling anyone, 2) the idea that if other people find out, most of them probably couldn’t care less, plus 3) the power of denial. (“What’s a ‘blog’?”) .

    • “What’s a ‘blog’?” Haha, nice one!
      You’re right about the ‘flattery’ part though, it did make me feel pretty good after about TWO WEEKS. But only a little. My consolation is that HBB1 has sworn secrecy and only told his girlfriend. Thankfully.

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