Top Quotes of the Week (Part 2)

So we had a lecture the other day about the management of abnormal lipids or something. And, aside from the fact that the lecturer admitted that he was just standing in for someone else and really had no idea what he was actually lecturing on, I actually enjoyed it. Granted, I have a personal problem with the fact that he came to class in scrubs. Sure, you could get called to surgery any minute. Fine, you’re an all-important life-saver. But if there was a message we were supposed to get from the apparel, I definitely missed it due to the fact that:

a) the scrubs looked kinda dirty
b) Sir, you have to be earning enough to afford a decent pair that actually don’t look like something I’d wear to a costume party.

I don’t make a habit of noticing what my lecturers are wearing–heck, sometimes I can’t even remember their faces*–but this was definitely a distraction throughout.

Anyway, Dr Scrubs was moving on to the section on dietary changes that could help with the management of dyslipidaemia when he leaned against the table and smiled up at us.

Dr Scrubs: My point is, basically, think of the bushmen. They have a very low incidence of heart disease and dyslipidaemia and it all goes back to their more natural diet. So, instead of remembering a list of do’s and don’t’s, I like to think to myself, “If I were a bushman, standing in front of this open fridge, what would I eat?”

(Cue the ooh’s and ah’s and isn’t he just wise?)

Friend: (whispers to the row) Um. Bushmen don’t have fridges.

But he did redeem himself slightly when he was talking about secondary dyslipidaemia and assured us not to worry too much about the role that pregnancy plays because, and I quote,

Pregnancy? Can’t do much about that. But thankfully it’s a self-limiting disease.

Ah, gotta love this course.


*Just in case you assume I’m joking, here’s an example. A lecturer walks into the lecture hall and straight up to me.
“Have you had [Lecturer so-and-so] yet?” she asks.
“No,” I say. “We’ve only had…um…what’s her name…Greylinks?”
The lecturer stares back at me in disbelief. I glance at my friend who is literally face-palming herself. When the lecturer walks away, I turn to my friend and ask what I missed.
“MedicalRose,” she sighs, eyeing the lecturer. “That was Dr. Greylinks.”

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