Highly Trained Assassins…

(I only have about five minutes to breathe, so I’ll make this one quick.)


I mean seriously!

It’s been super fun and far more interesting then Resp. We’ve had the best and the worst lecturers, module organisation has been sloppy, days have been far too long. But overall it’s been my favorite so far. Especially because of the Resuss pracs and ECGs. Can you SPELL Emergency Medicine???

I only really have one qualm…

What is the logic behind the way they structure these modules? It doesn’t seem safe to spend a month and a half on a subject before letting a bunch of fresh-faced students loose on the general public. I mean, come year-end we are going to be expected to work (with supervision) with patients. What if one has a valve lesion. I mean sure I can tell you all about ejection systolic murmers. But can I hear one? No way.

And I know that’s what the clinical rotations are all about, applied learning, but it really seems optional and personality-based. An example is a senior who says, to this day, she cannot interpret ECGs or tell murmers apart. She waddled her way through the tests on the strength of her pre-clin and theory knowledge. So now she works with patients and simply avoids the ones with cardiac problems. And it’s worked for her so far. And no-one’s really checking. I guess everyone assumes ‘the system’ will eventually filter her (or rather students like her) out. Except that she is actually a stellar student and chances are as good as they are bad that she will ever have to present an ECG in an OSCE. My point is, if The Administration is banking on students being diligent and responsible enough to engage in skills building independent of any pressure from their side, then isn’t MedSchool just a glorified bootcamp for murderers?

Harsh, I know, but I speak out of ignorance here. All I know is that there are certain things that, in theory, we know all about. But if you were to give us patients, we’d be completely lethal.

Am I the only person freaked out by this?


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