Post Traumatic Stress

Going to see the campus doctor at past 12. I haven’t been well all week. It started on Saturday night and has gotten progressively worse since. A friend laughed when I gave her this list of symptoms and asked for a differential: malaise, nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, headache, rhinorrhea, inflamed throat, slight temparature, non-productive cough which became heavily productive on Tuesday. Started Saturday night. Add nasal congestion, exhaustion and lethargy. Faintness has been observed from time to time. Pulse rate 80bpm.

Laugh if you will, but I thought I had meningitis at one point (you know, the whole can’t-look-down thing). My mother freaked out when I eventually told her (I’ve been hospitalized numerous times because of my misbehaving lungs) and demanded I saw a doctor. I ignored her, mainly because campus health services are notoriously dodgy and I wanted to study for the test. I know. Stupid. The studying wasn’t very effective but imagine if you will how cloudy my judgement was with that list of symptoms.

The other thing she kept saying was, “Write the sick-test.” Which, if you’ll excuse my manners, IS SHE INSANE. Its a well-known fact on my campus that you’d rather write the actual test, drip and all, than the evil failure machine that is the sicktest. Yes, drip and all.

So now I’m done writing and I literally think I am suffering from post traumatic stress.

So here I go. Hopefully it’s not meningitis.

UPDATEIt wasn’t meningitis. But it also wasn’t a throat infection, as the CHS doctor said. I eventually had to visit outpatient to be told that it was a chest infection. Which, excuse my french but what the hell?! Was she listening to her ipod or to her stethoscope???


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  1. juicy

    GO SEE A DR!!! Medstudents arnt invincible, u need to be sensible about your health.

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