Why Gastro Sucks Already and How Alicia Keys Lied

Because I am NOT superwoman.

I have this tendency of taking on too many responsibilities at once, especially (why, oh WHY?) when I finally get an inch of relatively free time. Since we just started Gastro, I came into the week thinking, “This is going to be nice. No test pressure. Plenty of time to pre-read and post-read and nerd it up. Plenty of time to cook some awesomely amazing meals. Plenty of time to eat, sleep and laze. Catch up on some good books, listen to some music, figure out if I can remember how a piano works. Skype family. Recover from my non-meningitis-throat-infection-which-turned-out-to-be-a-chest-infection-but-that’s-campus-health-services-for-ya. Ah, yes. Sweet freedom.”

Fat chance.

Because the minute I entered this week, my mentees started stressing about Chemistry and Biostats and LIFE. So guess who offered two hours a day of her time to assuage their panic? Lucky me. Guess who is performing this weekend with her not-really-a-band-but-we-sound-good-together and has to prepare despite her current lack of vocals due to aforementioned infection? That’s right. Guess who has become default secretary for the Home Language Chemistry Tutors in my language bracket? Guess who had to represent two separate committees at the Street Festival while seeming energetic throughout? Guess who is going back to the college campus I spent my early adolescence at to rehearse for an inter-university drama ministries group? No kidding.

Have I mentioned that class hasn’t exactly resembled the 8 to 12 schedule of Pharms and that I actually have to do washing and cook and clean and be a normal human being on top of it all?

Oh wait, and there’s this little thing called MEDSCHOOL???

Guess who’s behind in Gastro when it’s only been four days?

Why do I never just say NO?

Oh, in theory, I know. I love too many things. My mother once said that if there were such a thing as a MBChB-BA-BMus-BRealistic degree, I would be programme coordinator. Because I’ve never learnt to do that simple yet beautiful thing called PRIORITIZING. Instead, I try to multitask so insanely that I probably end up doing the wrong things right and the right things wrong. Studying accomplished this week: minimal. Extracurricular damage control managed: optimal. It’s like, no matter how aware I am of my limits, I have this insatiable urge to see how much further I can stretch.

I’m going to ask a third year if there’s a psychiatric illness that describes this thing that I do. I’m sure Nut will know, because Medstudents are especially skilled at remembering random, interesting but ultimately rare and irrelevant conditions.



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2 responses to “Why Gastro Sucks Already and How Alicia Keys Lied

  1. natology

    Lol maybe Nut only knows ‘normal’ pysch illnesses….know it makes no sense but that which you just described is somewhat too highergrade crazy, hence rare…. med3 level doesnt cover it (i think) maybe when she eventually species….she can make the diagnosis

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