Two hours on diarrhea jong. Great way to end off Gastro: Week 1.

What I really need right now is for the long weekend to hurry on up and get here. I want to see my mother and brother, sleep in a bed that is not confined to one quarter of an untidy room, eat food that has not been in any form of preservative packing prior to ingestion. Dude, I just wanna not be constantly bombarded with busyness, you know?

I have one more week of gastro prior to this though, so for now its all about imagination.

In other unrelated news, Nut (possibly my favorite 3rd year) just told me she can’t donate blood today because she’s on meds after having been exposed to a patient with meningococcal meningitis. HOW COOL IS THAT???

(Ok, not the part about the patient possibly having a lifethreatening illness or about Nut having to deprive millions of her miraculous lifesaving blood. O-positive.)

Seriously, she is literally on the frontlines of the age-old war between the body and itself, working with actual people and making an actual difference.

Yeah, I can sure tell you about paediatric diarrhea. There’s my contribution to the world. I’m so useless I can’t even donate blood (BP: 85/50, everytime I get it checked).

But Nut, she runs drips and takes bloods and does lumber punctures and has actual patients assigned to her! THAT’S WHAT IT’S ABOUT. I feel like an impatient kid weeks before Christmas. I know my time will come to unwrap all the brilliance our lecturers are storing in our minds, but darnit I want it now.

But allas, all the comfort I have is hid in the calm retreat that is Moore’s Clinical Anatomy. Joy.



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2 responses to “Impatient

  1. natology

    Hahaha….lumbar puncure, a lot of patients would get paralysed…she kinda sucks with anatomy….trade places anyday to google over moore and actually learn where the needle should go….!! The frontline….i like that……..yeah, needle sticks, meningoccoc, blood coverd scrubs, diarrhoea from paeds cos you just dnt wash your hands enough, highly sensitised smell receptors, tachycardia cos you know the consultant’s gonna pick on you…….frontline baby!! Where the real stuff happens….!! AHH, its just 7 exams around the corner….frontline business needs that perfect-number-exams-trip….patience lil sister……singing *dreamgirl*

  2. Haha I guess it’s easier for me to moan about wanting to move forward while you want to move backwards because we’re both STUCK WHERE WE ARE. Well, off to learning where to put that needle then…

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