Ayeye…hier kom a ding!*

That stuff you didn’t pay attention to in medical school will actually turn out to be useful. And med school was probably the only time you were ever going to see it. You should have paid better attention.

Okay. I should probably study some anatomy for Gastro then. Starting…later…

Tomorrow then.

After I botch my performance due to complete lack of vocal anything. And after I recover from the depression of botching the performance. And after I feel guilty about not having done it before botching the performance so that I would have had time to be properly depressed.

My head hurts now.

Thanks a lot Anon MD.

*Untranslatable. Basically an indication of impending doom…



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2 responses to “Ayeye…hier kom a ding!*

  1. SR

    This also made me feel guilty for doing things like reading medical blogs during lecture… whoops.

  2. You should see me in the front row, attempting to shield my phone from the disapproving eyes of my peers. The one thing that comforts me is that it’s all medically related, right? RIGHT.

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