So earlier on this year I was whining (as I do best) about how The Administration had somehow gotten it into their heads that it would be beneficial to make MS2 begin on the third of January and continue UNINTERRUPTED until June. Of course that wasn’t the brightest of ideas, John.

Eventually however, the insanity of it all became apparent so we have been given this weekend off…YES!!!

Now I don’t know about you good people of the internet, but I was of the opinion that if a student gets six days off from the daily grind they get to do what they want. You know: eat, sleep and procrastinate studying. But apparently, that’s not how things work in my house. So I got home at some ungodly hour this morning only to be awakened only SEVEN HOURS later with the news that I had to get ready to go camping.

That’s right. I get to camp for the next three days (read: HALF MY PRECIOUS HOLIDAY). Joy.

To be fair, it’s not anything like what most people would consider “camping”.

A bit of backstory for neophytes to this blog: I’m a Seventh Day Adventist. Now I’m not going to go into all the nitty gritties about how we are not a cult because that’s not what this post is about. This post is about a regular event that we as Adventists attend called Camp Meeting. Basically, everybody in a particular division (called a conference, allocated by locality) gets together at a large venue and camps out for a weekend of praise, worship and socializing. This would be a good time to mention that I wasn’t born Adventist and so this would be my first ever Camp Meeting.

(Ok, honestly? The fact that I’m not from an Adventist background is only half the reason I’ve never been to Camp Meeting. The other half has to do with the fact that every Adventist youth who ever comes back from camp meeting only ever talks about the outfits (girls) and babes (guys). And I’d rather spend the weekend with my family than gossiping with people who are too busy fixing their hair to attend the services (see later).)

But this year my family (or so I was told) would be doing Camp Meeting, so I figured, why not?

Merrily along I went, packing up the car as my mother cooked some food for Sabbath lunch. Until I noticed that Bigbrother was lying lazily on the couch watching a movie about cannibals.

“Eya, you gonna bring your bags to the car?”

Deception #1: This was NOT going to be a family trip.

After I got over the initial stages of disbelief and betrayal I got into the car and pulled out my ECG notes.

“You’re not serious,” Bigbrother scoffed. I ignored him.
“I thought you said you weren’t coming?”
“I’m not. I’m dropping you all off and taking the car the weekend. I can’t believe you fell for the whole ‘camping as a family’ thing. Sucker.”
I laughed humorlessly and proceeded to try to read my notes over the next hour’s drive. Ultimately, it was fruitless. I haven’t seen my family in months and there was too much catching up to do.

When we eventually did reach the campsite, we were stopped at the gates by a butch but friendly-looking officer.
“You’re late,” he says.
“We’re sorry. We didn’t know there was a time-limit.”
“There is. The five o’clock service has already begun.”
“Yes, we’re planning on catching the tail of it, Meneer.”
“Alright then. Where’s your permit?”
I am nearly offended by this question (overly-sensitive post-apartheid South African here) when my mother flashes the man a gorgeous smile.
“One of our caravan-mates has already signed in. Lot 536.”
“We’re going to need her to come and confirm that.”
“Meneer, the service has already started. She’ll be in the hall by now.”
“Then you’ll have to wait. I’m sorry.”

Just for clarity’s sake I’d like to refer you to Deception #1 once more. CARAVAN MATE? And furthermore…

I thought we were going to be CAMPING???

Deception #2: Although this is Camp Meeting, I, friends, am not going to be doing any camping.


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