Holiday? Yeah, right.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall whenever The Administration thinks up ways to screw us over during those Timetable Committee meetings.

Susie: I don’t think it’s right of us to expect the 2nd years to make it to exams after six straight months of work and no holiday.

John: Susie, Susie, you worry far too much about that lot. They are more than capable. They chose this path, remember?

Susie: True that.

John: But, lest they seek legal action for pain and suffering, I propose we give them Easter Weekend off.

Susie: Isn’t Easter weekend supposed to be off by law?

John: Oh, they’re a bunch of sleep-deprived second years. I doubt they’ll think of that. They’d be grateful if we gave them an extra day’s holiday in June.

Susie: True that.

John: But, lest they seek legal action for false and misleading information, what say you we give them Tuesday off as well? Since Wednesday is a public holiday and they are bound to whine about having to be back in class for a day.

Susie: Oh, John is that not too much holiday? They are merely second years…

John: Susie, Susie. Do not despair. We’ll give them some self-study work for the Tuesday off.

Susie: They’ll never do it.

John: They will if it’s portfolio work. Medstudents are always groveling for more marks.

Susie: (giggles)

John: And, just to top it off, call up the Anatomy and Histology lecturer. I think we should schedule a test for within days of their return. That oughta force them to study.

Susie: I’ll slot it in right-

John: Susie, Susie…don’t be so soft. We won’t put it on the timetable. Instead, we’ll get the lecturer to announce it the day before the short holiday so that there’s no way they can prepare for it in advance in order to enjoy the measly six days of holiday that stands between them and exam hell.

Fly: *Faint*

Susie: Susie, why are there always flies in here?



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4 responses to “Holiday? Yeah, right.

  1. natology

    hahahahaha killer fly series….lol i think john should get like a villian name…..

  2. @natology, one day I’ll reveal why i chose the name John
    @fabladyH, will do
    @ AP, I’m honored.

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