“I really hope they don’t say the lecturer is in surgery again.”

Ah, only in medschool.

It’s not like in any other course (and by other, I mean non ‘health sciences’) a lecturer could give an excuse that would make you feel even remotely guilty for moaning about his tardiness.

“Sorry guys, I was doing an emergency balance sheet.”

“My apologies, my canvas was unacceptably soft.”

“I didn’t realize I was running late, my political party of choice was holding a public speaking seminar.”

It’s not like any of these are not valid excuses, but you just wouldn’t feel bad about being ever-so-slightly annoyed.

Unfortunately, the lecturer was not in surgery this time.

He was just late.

His excuse?

“My secretary didn’t notify me of this lecture.”

Ja. It’s always the secretary’s fault.


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