Wow, where has the time gone?

To think that this time next week I’ll be hours away from writing the Gastro clinical paper.

And then it’ll be exams for two weeks.

And then it’ll be over.

Well, for two weeks.

I’m in disbelief. It seems like only yesterday when I started this blog to chronicle my journey through second-year and beyond. But it was really nearly six months ago. Where has time run off to?

Why haven’t I posted more? Reflected more? Done more? Studied more???

“You guys are going to die. First semester of second year is torture. I nearly died.”

“Gastro is a murderer. You have no idea how much work it is. You’ve been warned.”

“ECG’s? Ha! Still don’t understand those. Cardio was like Greek: pretty to look at, impossible to understand.”

“Resp was easier than the others, for me. Yet I still barely passed. Just saying.”

“Second year will take your soul, suck you dry and leave you begging for mercy. Trust this.”

Seniors were more than liberal with advice and doomsday messages when we arrived this year to begin “The Semester of Doom” (has a nice ring to it, no?) about everything from modules to lecturers to suicide.

And yet, I think I’m still alive. Granted, I’m way behind with studying for exams, I’m even more dangerously behind with my Gastro.

(Curse you gastrointestinal system with your never ending primary and accessory organs and the pathologies that go with them.)

But I’m okay. I’m still relatively sane, the stress hasn’t yet hit the proverbial fan and I think I can do this without losing myself in the process.

If anything, today’s trauma surgery lectures only motivated me to push a little more. (If I haven’t said it yet on this blog, trauma surgery and EM give me life. It was a cold, cloudy winter in my matric year and my mentor was Nurse Michelle…)

So as soon as I post this, I’m hitting the books and I’m hitting them hard. Wish me luck!

(Or don’t. I generally find that luck comes at a price. Just pray I don’t spend the next hour blogstalking my blogrollers…)

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