So we wrote the Gastro exam. And I know I passed. And now I want to move on with my life.

Except, it won’t let me.

While studying for the Resp exam, I was going through some ChemPath (Chemical Pathology). When it got to the section on pleural effusions, I was just going through the motions-you know, Light’s criteria and such-so that I could confirm that I know the work. Except, now that we’ve done Gastro, it seems to be pervading every aspect of the work.

Causes of transudate: congestive heart failure, nephrotic syndrome, hypoproteinaemia, liver cirrhosis…

Ooh! Liver cirhossis. I can totally see why. Portal hypertension leads to an imbalance in hydrostatic and oncotic pressure, of course a pleural effusion can result. In fact, so can oedema. And oesophageal varices. Speaking of which, management of oesophageal varices should be non-surgical so one would have to be very sure of that diagnosis. Treatment? Banding, ligation…beta blockers if it’s a major bleed and not contra-indicated. Wait a second! Beta blockers? Wouldn’t beta blockers be contraindicated in severe asthma? Oh crap! I’m doing RESP NOT GASTRO!!!

Gastro, please, I beg you: leave me alone!




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3 responses to “GASTRO LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

  1. Yep-you’ve officially crossed over into the “Crap…I know too much” territory! 🙂

  2. Erasmo Barclay

    Beta blockers for anxiety are used to keep the adrenaline a person feels from having such a great impact on the body. During an anxiety attack, physical symptoms can present which include fast breathing, rapid heart rate and shaking or trembling.’

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