You’ve GOT to be kidding me

Causes of exudate include pancreatitis, subphrenic abscesses (I could give you a freaking differential right now!!!), intrahepatic abscess…

Facebook update of a friend: Ok dif diagnosis asthma. Gastroesophageal reflux…Brain goes reflux barret’s adenocarcinoma nooooooo gastro leave me alooooooooone

Stab to the chest could cause respiratory complications, but I’m more concerned with the possibility of a diaphragmatic hernia than a pneumothorax…imagine the degree of bowel obstruction and perhaps strangulation…

Viral respiratory tract infections: All they had to do was mention adenovirus and I was off on a tangent. Now, instead of seeing rhino I see rota

Virology is making mention of trypsin-like proteases! How on earth do these people expect us to focus?!

Organisms associated with colonization as a result of antibiotics are coliforms, pseudomonas, candida albicans. Not C. diff! Get out of my head pseudomembranous collitis! Get!!!

How am I going to study???


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