A New Day

Urogenital System – the module that will go down in infamy as my first non-blogging block.

Endocrine System – the module that will forever be remembered as the “Oh, wait. Didn’t we just start this module? How can it be over already???” block.

It’s not like I wasn’t writing anything…

I have about eight unfinished posts saved to my drafts that would probably have made for some riveting stuff.
Posts about castrating cadavers and posts about the ethical dilemmas facing an overzealous medstudent who blogs about castrating cadavers.
Posts about graphic and descriptive videos detailing the management of phimosis, paraphimosis, priapism and many other mindbogglingly disturning male genital conditions.
Posts about the youtube clip we were shown IN CLASS of elephantitis (beacause who needs the lecture?).
Posts on the horrors of urology and gynaecology.
And then posts about the restrictions put on last year’s second years after a few merely updated their facebook statuses about witnessing the miracle of birth for the first time.

So by the time the urogenital block was done, I wasn’t really in the mood to blog about the overwhelming workload and the never-ending stream of things I didn’t know. Because it’s medschool. This stuff is obvious.

But, hey, it’s Reproductive System time. Which means gory tales about placental abruptions and neonatal syphillis. Ophthalmic gonorrhea and the like.

And I can actually blog about it.

Sweet bliss.


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