It’s warmer than it should be in an air-conditioned computer lab on a Sunday night. No, warm is not the right word. Stuffy. The air is stiflingly hot, every sense oppresed by the reality that there are too many bodies and not enough fresh air.

To my left, a peer of mine is on facebook. Two other classmates occupy the screens a row ahead of mine watching series and movies. I can’t help but begrudge them for needlessly taking up our fresh air. These people don’t need to be here. In fact, with Friday’s Reproductive test, none of us should be here. We should be swotting our youth away—or at the very least be comfortable in our better-ventilated rooms using our own computers…


The power was cut in our res early this morning. The rest of the campus promptly followed suit. Except for the education and admin buildings. Because, you know, education and administration trump residing. Totally.

It should have been back by now. But it’s not. So now you have the entire studycentre packed to capacity (some people are even studying on the floor, though I’m surprised anyone can stay conscious in that room), the well-lit computer lab packed to capacity as well and then the darkened lab (going green can be less glamorous when it’s inconvenient) slowly filling as well. Some students are in the halls or in the stairwells. People are braving the elements and potential hypoxia to get some light so that they don’t waste away the final five hours of this day till midnight, when they can go to sleep saying they at least tried.

There are about two hundred of us in our class, maybe more. Half of us probably live in res. That means about a hundred people—most of whom usually study in their rooms—have now relocated to the only place in campus with lighting and non-spooky quiet corners.

All in the name of not flunking out of medschool.

This is going to be a long night.

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