Methinks the fat lady just sang

It dawned on me suddenly as I left the too-large examination venue and walked out into the fresh air. A group of classmates were chatting in the sun, new study-guides in hand and goofy grins on their faces.
“You clearly enjoyed that,” I joked.
“It was wierd,” one answered softly. Then more confidently, “But dude. We just finished our last theory module of the year. Goodbye systems. Hello clinical work.”
And just like that, my mood changed.
Just yesterday I’d consoled myself in the midst of a freak-out attack that there was no way God would have brought me this far–let me get through the three-headed monster of first semester, all-but-dragged my lazy butt through Urogenital and then graced me with the hope that was Endocrinology–only to let me fail my penultimate module. Of course, I didn’t realize what that actually meant.

I am finished with all six theory modules of this year.

*Cue dancing on the spot.*

Yes, folks. As of next week Monday I will no longer be a med student in name only. Intro to Clinical Part II, our first real clinical module (because Part I in first year was, like, learning to percuss. I roll my eyes at my fascinated first-year self, “Ooh! You mean like this?!”)

I’m talking doctor’s coat, stethoscope, cool name-badge thingy that announces to the rest of the ward that I am a hazard to public health and should not be let within an inch of a patient unsupervised legitimate medical student.

I’ll get to wake up at ungodly hours to be at early morning rounds. Then I’ll get to listen as my peers meticulously suss out their first diagnoses. Then I’ll get to be grilled by the legendary real doctors on information that I just covered but curiously don’t remember. Then I’ll get to stand around after rounds looking all overwhelmed and complaining that I don’t know anything.

I can barely contain my excitement.



And, as a sidenote, I’m clearly not the only one:

Hello Intro

YES!!! And...yes!

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