Oh boy. (Oh Neurosciences.)

So, there I was, randomly facebook stalking the usual suspects, when I refreshed my newsfeed to find that someone had posted on the Nerd Wall (the facebook group that our excellent class reps started last year so that we can always be in the loop on important stuff).

Naturally I was curious. I mean, we are still technically on holiday even if for a few more hours, so I’d sort of assumed the Nerd Wall was off limits until January 8th, midday at the earliest.

Anyway, someone had posted a question about the cut off date for our assignment for the holidays. We had been given the task to ‘observe’ x amount of vertex deliveries at the hospital of our choice (that drama requires an entire entry of its own) over the holidays as well as the forms that needed to be signed and stamped by those who had watched us do this. The question was a fair one: we start classes Monday, but it will be the theoretical Neuro block and we will only roam the hospitals again after it. So, technically, the deliveries could be done anytime before then, right?

So someone said something to that effect and that was that.

Except, I guess that lone question gave the open house signal, because then one of our peers posted a detailed module introduction, partial timetable and an overview of our first day.

And I nearly died.

Sample statement:

    The reason for the grouping together of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, psychiatry, neurology, ophthalmology and disorders of the ear, nose and throat is self-evident.

I’m sorry, WHAT?

Maybe in the end, when I’ve done it all and I can see beautiful links and correlations, I may agree with that statement. I guess I always took it for granted that this module was going to just be neurology and psychiatry, with some anatomy and physiology thrown in for good measure. No senior ever mentioned ophthalmology! Isn’t the eye supposed to be extremely complex and difficult to understand? That’s basically all I got from that random lecture in first year. The eye is extremely complex and difficult to understand.

I know, I know what you are all thinking.

It’s Neuro, what were you expecting? Why wouldn’t you study ENT and opth with the brain?

I know. I know.

But a part of my naïve little brain really wanted to believe that all the ENT we needed was covereed in second year (hahaha hahaha ha) and that ophthalmology is too intense to squeeze into a module that already has enough topics!

I seriously should have asked someone about this. I mean, people always say Neuro is difficult but Neuro is fun because Neuro is interesting even if Neuro is one module you’ll have to become a hermit to pass. But I guess there’s no way to fully warn someone without whipping out a study guide and breaking it down. Which will probably cause them to break down. So I understand the restraint.

Oh boy.

My only hope now is that the rumors are true and that medical school coverage of ophthalmology is basic and dangerously skimpish. I know it’s a terrible thing to hope for–I really like being able to see comfortably and seriously hope my doctor knows enough to ensure it stays that way–but I’ve been on holiday a total of seven weeks in the last twelve months so just the thought of being overwhelmed overwhelms me.

Just the thought of being overwhelmed overwhelms me.




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4 responses to “Oh boy. (Oh Neurosciences.)

  1. Neurosciences with neurosurgery and ENT and Ophtha – all in the same module? We had ours one after the other, which made a crazy couple of weeks. I’m sure they’d organized your lecture schedule well enough for everything to blend well together and make sense. The head and associated organs are pretty interesting to study (what makes them so difficult to grasp sometimes is that everything’s so small, haha) so good luck! 🙂

  2. Wow. I am overwhelmed just reading about you thinking about being overwhelmed. That sounds insane! Good luck!

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