Anatomy, let’s not start this foolishness again

Anatomy, this is just underhanded.

I really thought we were trying to be civil this year. When the spot test got cancelled and we were given the news that we only had a few neuroanatomy lectures–this year by someone who would do more than read off of slides like a zombie, a vicious rumor being spread by our seniors about their previous neuroanatomy lecturers–I thought…I don’t know. I thought it was a truce. A new beginning.

But you’re just a tricky little devil, aren’t you? You take away our spot test, but instead just throw us into unsupervised dissections where we aren’t quite sure what we’re supposed to be doing and seeing. (Is it a plane? A butt? A brain?) You give us an eccentric new lecturer who somehow manages to oversimplify anatomy to the point where I sit in a hazy confusion, wondering what I am supposed to be learning when every second sentence is, “Eh…that’s not so important.”

In today’s lecture I actually heard the words: “We have 12 minutes left for cranial nerves 9, 10, 11 and 12. Which is really more than they deserve.”


I’m sorry, Anatomy. I will do my part, I will torture myself with my Netter and my Moore’s and my Neuroanat notes and tutorials and whatever else you have for me. But I will not magically acquire knowledge that even your minions wouldn’t deign to share.

That is all.

Have. A. Nice. Life.


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