Thoughts I Think When I Think Thoughts

I am in perfect shape for some procrastination.

So allow me to expose the three most common thoughts I’ve had since the beginning of this week when what I should have been doing was studying for the Neuro test in less that forty-eight hours.

I start surgery next week! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yes, folks. Instead of worrying about the fact that no, I cannot distinguish between upper and lower motor neuron signs when I leave a lecture hall (which is just weird and doesn’t give much hope for Test Day) I just sit all day and daydream about this:

What's this giant thing in my hands?

Well, not really. I’ve mostly been daydreaming about scrubs. And defibrillators. Which I really hope are old-school and not those garden-gnome AED ones, ’cause those are just lame…

Booooo! You suck!

As opposed to the majesty of the old-school way…

Yay!!! You ROCK!

But then I remember that using the latter, cooler rockstar version of the defibrillator would require knowledge of how to decipher this:

A fib? A lie?

Which just makes me get palpitations. So I console myself with the relatively safe knowledge that surgery will probably not entail any defibrillating, especially not by the green MBChB III student. This of course, leads me back to daydreaming about scrubs…

Look at the cute...SCRUBS!

I am not really sure if I’m actually supposed to understand anything going on in Neuroanatomy.

Youtube has done all it could, textbooks and atlases have played their role. But I’m still not quite sure I know much besides which lobe is which and which part of the cortex is sensory (post-central gyrus) and motor (pre-central gyrus). Which they are hardly likely to ask in a test.

I wonder what popcorn and soup taste like in combination.

Don’t ask.

So basically, whatever happens on Friday, I at least know that I can add a strange meal to my bucket list, that no-one in the surgery rotation will be aware of my deficient knowledge in Neuro (or Cardio) and that there is such a thing as a gyrus.

It’s the little things.



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4 responses to “Thoughts I Think When I Think Thoughts

  1. Now this is some excellent writing!
    Rest assured that you will be very lucky (in other words: it is unlikely to happen) if you get to use a defibrillator on a real patient in hospital this year.
    Also, the neuro tuts in Internal will teach your more than any of your lectures can.

    Lastly, I wish I looked that cute in my scrubs.

    • Aw shucks thanks…

      SIDE NOTE: No defibrillator for the third year? That’s awesome (yet, weirdly disappointing). I guess that means I can exclusively focus on ignoring the fact that my fourth year friends say we’re (unofficially) not allowed to buy awesome color scrubs, like pink or neon yellow :|. Because, darn it, I gots to look cute in ma scrubs!

  2. enkay

    We have to wear navy blue scrubs for dissection later this year, and from fourth year onwards we will wear light blue “Smurf suits”, as a friend of mine called them the other day. Another friend, who refused to be outdone, whispered “Avatar appreciation” when an unsuspecting senior walked past in his “Smurf suit”. I had never heard that term anywhere except on twitter, where it has a decent, socially acceptable meaning (appreciating someone’s avatar) but now it means “appreciating the handsome senior who looks like he walked off the set of the movie ‘Avatar'”. Conclusion: I am the only sane one amongst my friends.

    P.S I hope your imaginary Neuro paper went well. Hoping you get an imaginary distinction to make up for all your pre-test procrastination.

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