Aw shucks!

Well I honestly don’t know what to say!

I just got nominated for my first blogging award! (Check out Whispers of a Barefoot Medical Student, where awesomeness prevails.) I’m not really sure how this is supposed to work, so I’ll just follow the basic blueprint of:

  1. Share something about yourself using each letter of the alphabet
  2. Nominate some awesome bloggers

So, without further ado…

Awesome A word I use far too often because it’s the way I want everything in my life to be.

Butterflies I have a slight obsession with these winged creatures.

Chest infections I have been hospitalized for far too many.

Drugs are stupid. I won’t ever do them.

Endocrine is the module I did best in when I was in second year. (What? I had to say something medically-related.)

Fish Although many vegetarians eat them, I do not.

Grandmothers I call them both often. I think I am their favorite. 😉

Hording A weakness. My cupboards are embarrassing.

Individuality Something I promised myself I would not lose in University.

Jukebox If you bought me this, I would love you forevaaaaah…

Kilo joules A unit of energy that I have never understood.

Love. Life. Laughter.

Music If I didn’t have God, it would be my first love.

Noise I make a lot of it.

Octopus is probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten. Eeeew!

Procrastination My most practiced and perfected skill.

Questions I have too many.

Roller-coasters never make me sick

Spirituality Vital to my survival.

Temperance Something I struggle daily with.

Uncle Mine is like the father I never had.

Vandals and people who litter turn me into a very unpleasant person.

Writing Something I wish I had more time to do.

Xhosa One of South Africa’s 11 official languages that I actually know.

Yellow is my favorite colour.

Zzzzzz… If I didn’t have to eat and bathe, I would spend all my free time sleeping!

I am actually on  my lunch break so I couldn’t give a more profound breakdown of the ABC’s. It may be a little predictable but I nominate all the blogs on my blogroll because they truly are that awesome. Check them out.

(I haven’t yet mastered the art of blogging from my phone so you have to scroll on over to the blogroll to your left ’cause it took me ten minutes to post one link already!)

Well, back to work with me. Is that patient seriously going to hemorrhage over such nice jeans?





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4 responses to “ABC AWARD

  1. Yay, good work. I like Fish, Uncle and Individuality 🙂

  2. CoolOne

    Awesomeness… vital! Thats all im saying….

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