Well, this is different

I have to say, I'm mildly impressed.

I have to say, I’m mildly impressed.

I just want to congratulate my peers.

This time last year, our NerdWall (the Facebook group that our class-reps made a couple of years ago) was being inundated with posts about the upcoming block and the outline and timetable and expectations and whatever other posts that caused me to freak out so soon into 2012.

This year, there have been a couple of posts about rewrites and general medically-related snippets. But nothing panic-inducing. Granted, this may be because we kick off the year in hospital for once and not in class, so the splitting of the class into rotating groups makes it a bit difficult to scare us all at once. But I like to believe the reason no-one has posted a detailed timetable of the first block (yet) is that we are slowly maturing into the types of students who value our peers’ psychological well-being during this trying time of year. The festive season can be very draining, and I applaud all fourth years for rising above the urge to remind us all that what lies ahead could very well drain us further.

It’s all very grown up.


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