Inauguration Day

It’s 3:37 am in Washington D.C.

I had such severe jet-lag yesterday that I only managed to get through the seminars and meals before collapsing in bed. Hopefully I’ll get to Discover D.C after the parade since I was knocked out during the allocated guided tour time.

Only one day in and this conference has already started to reshape my thinking. I’ve been moving along on a cloud of mediocrity and favor, never once sitting down and asking myself what contribution I want to make in this world. It’s easier when you’re a medical student, I guess, to tell yourself you’re going to be–already are–healing and helping people for the rest of your life. And really, what bigger contribution can one make to their community and their world.

But having spent the day listening to passionate and driven people–one of our keynote speakers, Jeb Bush, gave his address directly after Hillary Clinton gave hers just a stone’s throw away!–I’m starting to realize that what differentiates people of equal talent and compassion from each other is how specific and intentional they are about wanting to make a difference in their communities.

I wish I could expound on this, but I really need to start getting ready to leave. Our busses start leaving in an hour, and we were warned to layer-up to the high heaven because despite how warm it was yesterday, today promises peripheral cyanosis.



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