The Complete Idiot’s Guide To MedSchool


Personally, I am not a fan of prefaces. Having read hundreds of books in my less than two decades of life, I’ve pretty much learnt that if a book needs a preface to put things in “context” for the reader, but then proceeds to have an introduction anyway, well, it’s probably not going to be one of those books you can read during a bus ride.

Which, for most people isn’t such a major deal. But for ME? Hello, if you can’t read it on the bus, where can you read it?

Just kidding.

Anyway, that entire rant is basically the preface to the following fact: It’s Blogger’s fault. Or WordPress’s fault, really, that I am even writing this. It’s those anal tutorials that urge the avid blogger to have a clearly outlined reason for their blog, a common theme, a whatnot of sense that places the reader in a certain thematic mindspace in order to facilitate the blogsurfing process.

Which, hello?

I highly doubt anyone reading a blog called ‘Guide To MedSchool’ is of less than average intelligence. You are smart people.* You don’t need “context”.

But, considering the fact that my blog is the 275200 result in a google search for ‘big brother’, perhaps I ought not to be so narrow-minded. So when I eventually do get to the end of this preface (which will probably be so long that even I wouldn’t read it if it weren’t for its magical context-giving preface abilities, ooh) I’ll go through the motions.*

Before I do though I need to state that, in my defense, this isn’t going to be a book. The Idiot’s Guide To MedSchool is going to be my own personal suction pipe for all the sewage that one really wishes administration would have been kind enough to mention in those long letters and pretty brochures. I have no intention of pretending to be even a relatively good writer. This is a blog. One honestly can’t expect so much.

So, in the light of that revelation, I must point out that the “chapters” of my non-book won’t be numbered. I intend to write randomly, irreverently contravening all of the laws of good blogging–even good writing–giving my different insights as they hit me. This has more to do with my suspected ADD*–I refuse to get tested, I REFUSE–than the fact that, again, this is a blog and one honestly can’t expect too much.

Considering the fact that i waited until then end of first year, I probably will have to dig deep to find those basic but important tips and lessons for beginners. Forgive me if my suspected ADD forces me to procrastinate such blogging indefinitely.

On a lighter note, do use this resource as you see fit. It really is only one mind’s musing, which I encourage you to consider when the content gets a bit jaded or even a bit homicidal. For obvious reasons, I can’t outright name my institution or even myself, but hopefully that sort of detail will take a backseat to your thirst for knowledge and community in this crazy medical world.

Comment, submit ideas, subscribe, like, ignore–explore the barren planes of my mind’s landscape at your leisure.

But remember: It’s a blog. You can’t honestly expect too much.

Yours sincerely,


* Okay. I am toying with the idea for a chapter called: Med Students Are Not Actually All That Smart. Which doesn’t take more than four weeks for the average MS to figure out. But let’s pretend I don’t know that yet. You are smart people.

**GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS: Hi. I’m a 2nd year MS (according to my 1st year results. BOOM!) who woke up one morning during her first–and last, they say–MS Christmas holiday and decided, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if someone made a blog about all the things I wish I knew in 1st year?” Or something like that. So here is my blog. I plan to outline the ups and downs of my 1st and 2nd years (and any other years I may make it to) and create a series of tips to guide the novice through the world of Res, class and cadavers. Hope you enjoy!

***Note the numerous topics covered in what was meant to simply be the preface (my highschool Eng teacher would die). I have serious problems.


5 responses to “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To MedSchool

  1. juicy

    You’re spunky! I like! But you haven’t posted in a while. Please return to the blogosphere, I’m dying to hear about cardio and the Professor duets…

  2. 1styear

    LOL you are so funny. I am 1st year at your varsity (yes it was very easy to figure out). I probably went to sleep at 2 lastnight because I just got hooked and read all your post. Thanks for the heads up about the “semester of doom” now I know to make the most of my beautifull 5 week holiday :). Keep well

    • *blushes* I’m honored that you like it and embarrassed that it’s so obvious where we go! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday, next year is NO joke. Sorry it took so long to reply, I’ve been on a blog time-out!

  3. Baba

    You are an MSII and younger than 20? Congrats!

    • Thanks! Our system is a bit different to the American system though, we don’t do a four year medical degree after a premed degree, we do a six-year “double degree” fresh out of high school, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. So I’m very average as a 22 year old MSIV in South Africa 🙂

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